Made for the person with confidence and free spirit who is known by their strong actions and character.  Distinctive and masculine, Bovar Jewelry designs make a powerful statement without having to say a word. 

Rob's Story...

Bovar Jewelry was designed out of necessity when Rob was unsuccessful with finding a men's wedding ring that had any soul or depth to it. Lost in the sea of imported, mass produced jewelry with their high shine Rob had an illuminating thought... that perhaps instead of looking outwardly he should reflect on himself. 

Having a keen eye for style and an artistic background Rob had a vision for a jewelry line that speaks to a person's soul. Rob see's jewelry as a piece of art, each masterpiece tells a story and is connected to the person wearing it.  

Rob began curating rings using the lost wax method. This ancient process  begins with meticulously hand carving the design out of wax. The hours spent at this stage and the attention to detail is critical before the sculpted piece can go onto casting. After each piece is cast in the chosen precious metal, Rob continues his artistic process refining each piece. Like a painter, Rob brings his pieces to life with the use of patina as his paint brush, giving Bovar Jewelry its distinctive look. 

Bovar Jewelry has substance and become heirlooms, jewelry that will withstand the generations to come.

- Rob Varela