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Elephants: Bovar Jewelry announces latest project while looking to help support the elephant population. [Read More..]

Men's Layers Collection: Bovar Jewelry is proud to announce our newest collection of rings for men. [Read More..]

Men's Stackable Rings in Silver and Bronze: Providing men the flexibility to dress up or dress down with our latest creation of stackable bands for men. Mix and match with seven different designs to create various looks based on the occasion or mood. [Read More..]

Brendon Urie - "Hallelujah" Music Video - Custom Gold Pinky Rings: Check out my opportunity to add some handcrafted jewelry on the fingers of Panic! at the Disco frontman, Brendon Urie. I also give a little behind the scenes on his custom Gold Signet Pinky Ring creation using the lost wax method. [Read More..]

Custom English Bulldog Ring and Pendant: It hurts when you lose a loved one and the same goes for a pet. View my latest post and custom work in honor of a lost pet. [Read More..]

Actor - Jorge Diaz - Custom "LOVER" Rings: Collaboration work in creating handcrafted gold and sterling silver "LOVER" rings for funny guy, actor, Jorge Diaz in this post. [Read More..]

Panic! at the Disco - Brendon Urie - Custom Cufflinks: Who wouldn't love making a set of custom cufflinks for Brendon Urie!!  [Read More..]

Hillcrest Festival of Fine Arts: Reviews are in and it was an amazing even at Hillcrest Festival of Fine Arts. Check out my experience at my first ever arts festival. [Read More..]

Launch Day: It's up and going. Launch of our website and collection!! [Read More..]